Well this has been a great week with promising news about the prospect of Konocti Harbor re-opening. I received a survey this week from a company that is representing the buyer which is Resort Equities LLC. http://www.resortequities.com

It is exciting to learn from the news articles that some of the elements the buyer may restore include the indoor and outdoor concerts, the marina and possibly the dining and spa facilities.  After watching this large compound deteriorating from neglect over the past 4 years I think any improvement will be positive. So far I like what I’ve read about this project and look forward to see what effect it may  have on the real estate market  in Lake County, primarily waterfront and lakefront property market values. I think lakefront property owners with property in the region of Konocti Harbor as can expect to see renewed interest in lakefront vacation rentals down the road. I wish I had a crystal ball so I could say for sure how this will eventually turn out. For now we will have to keep our eye and ears open and be supportive and hope that the county will support the buyer as much as possible. We really need this venue back and we need another good employer in Lake County.

Here is a letter from the President of Resort Equities:

Here are a few news articles:

Exclusive: Potential Buyer of Konocti Harbor discusses Plans, Permits Application.  Thursday, 05 September 2013, Elizabeth Larson  

New plan for Clearlake’s shuttered Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa | The Press Democrat