If you’re thinking about leasing solar panels be sure to do your homework.  Some lease agreements are having a big impact on real estate sales. I am all for green energy and being self sufficient but having some concern with regard to the complication solar leasing is having on real estate sales. Here is a recent article from the Washington Post and recently reprinted by the Los Angeles Time.

Nothing like Springtime in Lake County California!

The photos were taken during the month of March 2015. This is a great time of year to look for property and enjoy the scenery.

Mount Konocti & Clear Lake on a nice spring day. 3-29-2015

Mount Konocti & Clear Lake on a nice spring day. 3-29-2015



Real Estate Median Sales Price Rises in February 2015

For Release: March 16, 2015

Real Estate Median Sales Price Rises in February

LAKEPORT (March 16) – The Lake County Association of Realtors® (LCAOR) reported that the median sales price of single family residences for Lake County rose from $159,000 in January 2015 to $180,000 in February, a 13.2% increase. Like sales in February 2014 had a median sales price of $162,450 indicating that there was a 10.8% increase when comparing year to year sales.

The number of units selling in February 2015 decreased by 20.4% when compared to February 2014 falling from 54 units in 2014 to 43 units in 2015. With fewer units selling the months of inventory increased from 6.5 to 7.4. In January there were 305 single family residences listed for sale and in February there were 318. It is not uncommon to see fewer units available during the winter months. In 2014 the maximum number of units for sale in any one month was 505 in August and the low was 318 in January.

Distressed sales, homes sold after foreclosure or for less than what was owed, declined slightly from the January percentage, 18.6% from 19.2%. However the decline was significant, 18.6% from 42.6%, when compared to February 2014.

Cash only purchases were down to 18.6% of the sales which is the lowest percentage in a few years. Conversely conventional loans rose to 41.9% of the sales, up from 32.7% in January. USDA loans were the next most common type of loan used with those making up 16.3% of the transactions. USDA loans have qualifying factors such as income and the selling price of the home. Potential buyers should contact a qualified lender to determine if they qualify for this type of loan. All loan types have qualifying factors, but they vary from loan type to loan type.

The median time that a property was on the market increased from 81 days in February 2014 to 118 for the same month in 2015. In January 2015 the median days on market was 112. It is not substantiated but one possible reason for the increased days on market could be that fewer transactions are being purchased with cash and more are being purchased via loans which have a processing time not associated with cash transactions.

“Despite the lower number of sales real estate activity has been on the upswing” stated Yvette Sloan 2015 President of LCAOR. “The next few months will be a good indicator of how the rest of the year will go.”


Lake County – February 2015
• Median price: $180,000
• Median days to sell: 118
• Units Sold: 43

Lake County – January 2015
• Median price: $159,000
• Median days to sell: 112
• Units Sold: 45

Lake County – February 2014
• Median price: $162,450
• Median days to sell: 81
• Units Sold: 54

Buyers and sellers wanting to find out about the market value of their property or how the market is doing in their neighborhood should contact a Lake County experienced Realtor®. A member roster is available at:

Lake County Association of REALTORS® … Helping REALTORS® to improve the consumer experience. LCAOR offices are located in Lakeport, CA.
February 2015 Market at a Glance

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