Magnificent Lakefront and Incredible Lakeview Property

On nearly 2 acres in Soda Bay!   Enjoy the north and westerly views of Clear Lake!   200 lineal feet of lakefront.  Huge pebbly beach.  Privacy without being too far from town and places to shop. Perfect place to have a seaplane.  $645,000    MLS#LC16726708

window1 View2 view View of lake Sidehouse Side2 poppy Patio4 patio Lakefront2 Lakefront KItchen4 Kitchen Kitchen copy House front Hall frontporch2 Frontentrance Front2 front1 front porch Fireplace Driveway Dining area Deckview Breakfast Bar Beach Bath3 Bath2 6732 Moss Rd

Saving Mount Seiglar during the Valley Fire in 2015

SOLD! Heavenly Lake Views on the North Face on Mount Konocti.


SOLD! Great Lakefront Property in Soda Bay

SOLD!  This is a great buy for having lakefront.

Finding Great Coffee in Lake County, California

Where do you go for a good cup of Joe in Lake County you ask?  Well ask a coffee addict. I have been a coffee addict since the late 70s when I joined the Navy. Back then there were none of the fun posh coffee shops offering coffee drinks like latte’s, espressos and other exotic blends. I had to drink Navy coffee which tasted like it was filtered through someone’s dirty sock but I managed to develop a taste for it and I needed the caffeine to stay awake and be alert during long patrols at sea. Thankfully times have changed and now you can find fun coffee shops all over the country.

Studebackers 1

Studebakers in Kelseyville

Itzia Rico and Alejandra at Studebakers

Itzia Rico and Alejandra at Studebakers.  Several movies were filmed in this coffee shop including Sherman’s Way and Twixt.

When I lived in the Bay Area I was a Peets Coffee regular but now that I live in Lake County I’m proud to say that you can find an incredibly good cup of Joe in almost every community in the county.

Andrea Williams

Riviera Common Grounds,  Indoors or Outdoors always a relaxing place to go.

Riviera Common Grounds - Andrea Williams

Riviera Common Grounds – Andrea Williams

The thing I like most about our small privately owned coffee shops are the friendly and cheerful coffee baristas that greet you every morning. We have all types of coffee houses offering a wide variety of coffee drinks and social atmospheres.


It’s not so much the place as it is the people. Michelle always has a smile and something very pleasant to say. Great place to stop for a cheerful cup of Joe at  Konocti Coffee Shop in Soda Bay.



Konocti Coffee in Soda Bay

Many have areas where you can sit indoors or outdoors and many have internet access via wifi so you can relax for a while and catch up on emails or surf the net or put all the silly technology down and simply enjoy the social atmosphere.

If you’re in a hurry no worries, we have a few nice drive-through coffee stops that can take care of that caffeine fit.   Try Jitter Bean in Lakeport.

Jitter Bean Girls

Jitter Bean Girls

Jitter Bean Coffee Co.

Jitter Bean Coffee Co. Drive through Coffee

Mountain High Coffee in Cobb is in the Meadows Springs Shopping Center is a relaxing place to visit with a great reading area inside and places to sit outside. Next door to Hardesters Market. P1010770_50

Mountain High Coffee in Cobb!


Mountain High is always a friendly place to visit.

Inside Mountain High Coffee shop.

Inside Mountain High Coffee shop.

If you’re heading along Hwy 20 you can stop at the Catfish Coffee House in Clearlake Oaks.  They offer great coffee and plenty of taste pastries and sandwiches.

Catfish Coffee House in Clearlake Oaks

Catfish Coffee House in Clearlake Oaks


I still have more to come with this blog because there are still more great places to have a cup of coffee in Clearlake, Middletown, Lower Lake and Hidden Valley Lake. Check back for more.


Lake County CTA – Certified Tourism Ambassador

I became a Lake County Certified Tourism Ambassador last Thursday, February 18th 2016. It’s a great program and for the first 200 non-government participants the cost is free. The program will help you become knowledgeable about points of interest in Lake County which can help you promote the county in a positive way to visitors. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is in frequent contact with visitors to our great area.…/lake-county-launches-certified-tou…/

Lake County Market Status for January 2016

January Median Sales Price Rises as Number of Sales Slows

LAKEPORT (Feb 18) – The Lake County Association of Realtors® (LCAOR) reported that the January median sales price of single family residences in Lake County rose 7.6% over like sales in December 2015. The January median sales price was $232,500 compared to $216,000 in December. The number of sales in January was 50 which was a 46.2% decrease from the 93 sales in December.

“It is not uncommon to see the number of sales dip in January,” commented Erin Woodward, 2016 LCAOR President. “People tend to be preoccupied with other matters in December and that is reflected in the January numbers. The fact that the median price increased over December’s has also been a pattern we have seen over the last few years.”

On a year over year basis, the number of sales increased 11% going from 45 in January 2015 to the 50 sales in January 2016. The January 2016 median price of $232,500 increased 46% over the January 2015 median sales price of $159,000.

Sales financed by cash accounted for 32% of the transactions which was up from 25.58% of the sales in December and virtually the same when compared to January 2015 sales. Conventional loans made up 36% of the sales, down from 53.5% of the sales in December 2015. However, FHA financed sales rose to 18% of the sales after financing 10.5% of the December sales.

On a statewide basis the California Association of Realtors (CAR) reported that existing, single family home sales totaled 383,670 in January, down 5.4% from December 2015 and up 8.8% from January 2015. The median sales price was $468,330 down 4.3% from December 2015 and up 9.2% from January 2015. CAR reported that the highest median price in the state was $1.17M in the City and County of San Francisco.


Lake County – January 2016
* Median price: $232,500
* Median days to sell: 78
* Units Sold: 50

Lake County – December 2015
* Median price: $216,000
* Median days to sell: 92
* Units Sold: 93

Lake County – January 2015
* Median price: $159,000
* Median days to sell: 112
* Units Sold: 45

Median Prices January 2016


LAKEPORT, Calif. – Real estate sales in Lake County ended 2015 on an upswing, according to a report from the Lake County Association of Realtors.

LCAOR reported that the number of sales in December increased by 8 percent over November sales.

A total of 93 single family units sold in December compared to 86 in November. LCAOR said the 93 sales were the second-highest number in a month for 2015 with June topping the list at 109 sales.

The median sales price of $216,000 pulled back from the November median sales price of $252,250, which marked the high point for a monthly median price in 2015. The December median was the second-highest monthly sales price for 2015, according to LCAOR.

The 2015 December median sales price of $216,000 was 42-percent higher than the December 2014 median sales price of $152,000. In December of 2014 there were 53 sales making the 93 sales in December 2015 over 75-percent higher on a year-to-year basis, LCAOR reported.

“The last three months of 2015 ended strongly,” said 2016 LCAOR President Erin Woodward. “Both median sales prices and number of sales compared favorably to other months of the year. The real estate community did not know what to expect after the fires and many expected sales to slow, but that was not the case.”

Inventory levels in both November and December fell to four months. The report said a normal level of monthly inventory is considered to be six months.

In some years, LCAOR said the December inventories can be low as sellers wait to list their properties after the holidays. Continued low inventories can lead to a seller’s market.

Sales financed by cash fell to 25.6 percent of the transactions after they made up 47.7 percent of the deals in November. LCAOR said conventional loans accounted for 53.5 percent of the financing with another 10.5 percent of the transactions being financed through FHA loans.

Distressed sales increased to 17 percent of the sales after making up only 4.7 percent of the deals in November, according to the report.

On a statewide basis the California Association of Realtors reported that existing, single-family home sales totaled 405.530 in December, up 9.6 percent from November 2015 and up 10.7 percent from December 2014, LCAOR said.

LCAOR said the median sales price in California was $489,310 up 2.6 percent from November 2015 and up 8.0 percent from December 2014.


Lake County – December 2015

Median price: $216,000

Median days to sell: 92

Units Sold: 93

Lake County – November 2015

Median price: $252,250

Median days to sell: 107

Units Sold: 86

Lake County – December 2014

Median price: $152,000

Median days to sell: 94

Units Sold: 53


Lake County Residential Market Statistics for July 2015

For Release: August 12, 2015


Distressed Sales Dwindling in Lake County Market

LAKEPORT (Aug 12) – The Lake County Association of Realtors® (LCAOR) reported that distressed sales, homes sold after foreclosure or for less than what was owed, declined to 6.42% of July sales for single family residences. At one time during the recent recession distressed sales made up over 70% of the residential sales in the county. “It is good to see homeowners getting back above water,” commented LCAOR President Yvette Sloan. “With the market returning to a more normal state people feel more comfortable about purchasing a home.”

The median sales price for July rose to $211,000 up slightly from the June median price of $209,900. The July 2015 median sales price was 25.6% higher than the July 2014 median sales price of $168,000. The number of units fell from 109 sold in June to 82 units in July. Year over year, July 2015 compared to July 2014, the number of units sold increased by 3.8%.

On the financing front, cash buyers accounted for about 21% of the deals, which was down from 37.6% of the deals in June and down from 39.2% in July, 2014. Nearly 44% of the sales used conventional loans to finance the sales. FHA and CalVet/Vet loans each made up 9.76% of financing of sales.

Inventory levels rose to six (6) months of inventory after dipping to four (4) months in June. July 2014 had six (6) months of inventory also. Six months of inventory is considered “normal” for the real estate market.

Looking ahead to August sales Yvette Sloan noted, “At this point it is difficult to tell if the Rocky and Jerusalem fires will have an effect on the market. Insurance carriers are waiting for containment of the fires before issuing new policies and that could slow things down temporarily.”



Lake County – July 2015

  • Median price: $211,000
  • Median days to sell: 90
  • Units Sold: 82

Lake County – June 2015

  • Median price: $209,900
  • Median days to sell: 61
  • Units Sold: 109

Lake County – July 2014

  • Median price: $168,000
  • Median days to sell: 56
  • Units Sold: 79

Lake County Association of REALTORS® … Helping REALTORS® to improve the consumer experience. LCAOR offices are located in Lakeport, CA.

Lake County Market Statistics up to June 2015

Click on the image to get a larger view. Lake_06-15_000001