Lake County Wine Adventure Part 2

This is part 2 of the video to the Lake County Wine Adventure.  Includes Kelsey Creek Brewing Company, Kelseyville and Rosa D’ Oro Winery.  Includes Ron Chips, Nick Battita and Rick White.  Recorder on Saturday, July 28th 2012.




Lake County Wine Adventure – Hosted by R.J. White

This is part one of a two part video of the 2012 Lake County Wine Adventure.  This video includes scenes from Moore Family Winery, Dennis & Sally Jensen Art, Edwin Rubio Wine Barrel Furniture, Jessyca Lew Jewelry.




Clubs and Organizations in Lake County

This will be an informational and ongoing post on my Blog. I will update as best I can the various clubs, organizations and associations that are active in Lake County California.

Business Clubs and Associations:

1. Lake County Regional Chamber of Commerce

2. Lake County Association of Realtors

3. Main Street Business Association,  Lakeport,

4. Kelseyville Business Associations




Educational Clubs:

1.  Toastmasters, Club 8731, The Tenacious Talkers.

The Tenacious Talkers meet every Thursday evening. Meetings start at 6:15 PM.  They meet at 2150 Argonaut Road, Finley, Ca.

I am a member of the local Toastmasters Club 8731, The Tenacious Talkers, and what keeps me coming back each week are the personal stories that people share and the encouragement that members provide to each other to improve their communication and leadership skills. The members of our club is made up of a myriad of ages, statuses and occupations. White collar, blue collar, we have it all.

This Thursday, July 24th we will have an open house at 1800 S. Main St. Lakeport at the Lakeport Lagoons Clubhouse.
I just got word that I will be one of the speakers which means I need to buckle down and start drafting a speech. I was terrified to give speeches five years ago but now I feel little intimidation about it.

Senior Centers, Clubs and Organizations




Veterans Clubs and Groups:

1.  Operation Tango Mike is an excellent support organization for our active military serving abroad in hazardous duty assignments like Afghanistan and Iraq.  They do fund raisers to send care packages messages of support to the troops. To learn more you can contact them by e-mail:  Please feel free to call them at  (707) 349-2838.

2. VFW




Come Join Us!

KICKIN’ IN THE COUNTRY! Street Dance on Main St. in Kelseyville

Often times I’m asked by customers what is there to do in Lake County for entertainment.  There is actually a lot of fun to be had in our towns, even with the absence of the popular entertainment venue, Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa. On Thursday night July 19th 2012, the Kelseyville Business Association along with key sponsors like Kelseyville Appliance and Wildhurst Vineyard and Tasting Room put on their summer street dance called Kickin-in the Country. This is a summer street dance series done on a Thursday night once a month in downtown Kelseyville. Locals come from all over to get out of thier house for a while to dance and socialize with the neighbors. It looks like a good times were had by all who attended. There were two bands playing,  The Saw Shop Bistro had the Lake County Diamonds a fun local band playing a fun mix of Rock and Roll including a few good Beatles tunes and then in the center of main street on stage was the Fargo Brothers Band which had old an young alike dancing through every set.  Most of the local merchants keep their businesses open later than normal business hours to accommodate the crowd.

The next few Kickin’ in The Country dates are August 16th and September 20th. Other local events coming up this month are the Friday night concerts in the Park in Lakeport’s Library Park and the Lake County Wine Adventure which will be the weekend of July 29th.  On August 17th a benefit for the Lakeport Main Street Association will be the annual street dance event called a Taste of Lakeport, which will be on main street in the old historic part of downtown.  Local main street businesses will be pairing up with local wineries for wine and food tastings.  Of course there is still that big recreational venue called Clear Lake which offers an abundance of fun things to do.

Lake County CA, 2012 Second Quarter Residential Sales Statistics

I just completed a quick analysis of home sales in Lake County California. The analysis is for single family stick built homes only. Condos, Town-homes, Mobile and Manufactured homes were not included in the analysis.  Our second quarter is usually the busiest quarter.

The first and third columns shows all stick built home sales and the second and fourth columns shows all stick built home sales on lot sizes of 1/2 acre or less.

These data were pulled from the California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS)  only.

Lot Size 2012Q1 All 2012Q1  < .5 ac               2012

Q2  All

 2012Q2  <.5 ac
Total Closed Sales 230 188 277               211
Average List Price $133,556 $113,838            $151,456            $117,623
Average Sold Price $123,593 $107,087            $146,061            $113,806
Average DOM


114                112                101
Average Price (Per SqFt)



             $91.63              $77.00
Avg # Bedrooms 3 3                  3                   3
Avg # Bathrooms



                 2                   2
Avg Year Built 1979 1980               1980               1980
Avg Lot Size (SqFt)



            100910               9876
Avg Home Size (SqFt)



              1594               1478
Highest Sold Price $400,000 $400,000           $850,000           $455,000
Lowest Sold Price $19,000


           $15,500            $15,500
Total REOs Sold


97               128              107
Total Short Sales Sold 36 29               51               36
Total Lakefront Sold 6


              14               8



Lake County Ca. Mitigating the ALGAE Problem.

I was in Soda Bay in Clear Lake California on Monday, 16 July 2012, to try out the Mexican Restaurant that just opened there and noticed a large barge with a lot of industrial looking equipment on it.  I spoke with the manager of  the Clear Lake Vista Resort (formally Ferndale Resort) and he said the equipment is called a Jet Streamer which appears to be some kind of an OZONIZER that was manufactured by one of two companies that the county contracted to neutralize the  algae.   This unit is similar to the ozonizers that are used to eliminate algae and bacteria and the smell it creates in fish tanks but this one is built on a much larger scale.  According to the resort manager the equipment does seem to be helping.  Soda Bay is one area on the lake where ALGAE has always been a big problem because the water gets a little less movement there and the pungent stagnate smell of dead floating algae is very repulsive to residents and visitors.  So if it can improve the water quality in that area then perhaps the County is on to something great this time.  Lakefront property owners should take interest in this subject because it may greatly improve the lake water quality and lifestyle of having lakefront or channel front property or lakefront businesses.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  Today in the news the County is proposing an 1/2 cent increase to the local sales tax. The plan that was prepared by the Public Works Director estimates that the tax would generate about $2.4 million dollars of which 88% would got to county programs dealing with the algae and invasive aquatic weeds. For more details about the proposed tax go to the Record Bee website and click on the article posted 7-25-2012 titled: Sales tax language for lake programs, by Kevin N. Hume

If you live on the lake and want to make a significant difference to the water quality around your property you might consider integrating a sprinkler system to your boat dock, pier or sea wall. Many homemade systems use a submersible pump that dangles into the lake from a floatation device like a boat fender and then the suction from the pump helps to circulate the water. The water that is pulled from the lake is then sprayed back onto the lake through a perforated PVC pipe. You can decide how many holes and the diameter of the holes on the pipe to spray back into the lake which will knock down the floating algae scum matte that floats on the surface. The floating algae matte is the main cause for the smell and usually occurs when the surface temperature of the lake reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you live on a waterfront channel this is a great way to make some improvement to your lakefront lifestyle.  If you can get all your neighbors to do the same I believe the results would be impressive.

Here is an excellent example of sprinkling system designed to knock the algae matte down:


Nesting Grebes on Clear Lake.

Here is a video that I produced on Sunday, July 14th 2012.  I paddled a Kayak from Corinthian Bay which is located in South Lakeport on Clear Lake, California, just west of  Long Tule Point to see the Grebes that are nesting in that area. There was an abundance of wildlife which made the effort totally worth it.  If you take the challenge to go into this area the best way is by Kayak because the aquatic plant are too thick for any boat with a prop.  You will be doing a lot of paddling to get there so bring plenty of water and sunscreen because it will not take long for to dehydrate and sun burn. You can learn more about Grebes and even watch a webcam that my dear mother has been put in charge of in Corinthian Bay for the Lake County Audubon Society, to see got to

Mortgage loan modification Fraud. Beware!

With so many struggling to keep there homes there is a new threat that you need to be aware of regarding scam artists who are targeting property owners who have notices of default.

If you have someone telling you that they can help get you a loan modification but will require fees up front do not engage with these people.  Here is a short video clip on this subject provided by the California Association of Realtors on this issue.

Mortgage Fraud Alert


Wildlife in Lake County CA

Just went to check on my listing in Corinthian Bay and saw this Western Grebe nesting on a pile of aquatic plants in the channel next to the listing. These are the local waterfowl that do the fast dance on the lake and the babies ride on the mothers back. Right now this brave little bird will sit on that little egg and and try to fend of any predators including the local otters.

Another Great Lake Front Day

I just spent the afternoon with good friends at a fabulous food and beer paring in Crescent Bay which is adjacent to Jago Bay on Clear Lake, California.  The weather was great the temperature was perfect and the food and beer paring was excellent. The hosts, Norm and Mary Benson have the most relaxing little setting on the lake and when you have days like this it is easy to see why people love to find lakefront property and or property with an excellent lake view.   It’s hard to find property in this area of Clear Lake but there are other great lakefront properties and I will be glad to help you find that special place.  Here are a couple photos of this special spot on the lake.