Finding Great Coffee in Lake County, California

Where do you go for a good cup of Joe in Lake County you ask?  Well ask a coffee addict. I have been a coffee addict since the late 70s when I joined the Navy. Back then there were none of the fun posh coffee shops offering coffee drinks like latte’s, espressos and other exotic blends. I had to drink Navy coffee which tasted like it was filtered through someone’s dirty sock but I managed to develop a taste for it and I needed the caffeine to stay awake and be alert during long patrols at sea. Thankfully times have changed and now you can find fun coffee shops all over the country.

Studebackers 1

Studebakers in Kelseyville

Itzia Rico and Alejandra at Studebakers

Itzia Rico and Alejandra at Studebakers.  Several movies were filmed in this coffee shop including Sherman’s Way and Twixt.

When I lived in the Bay Area I was a Peets Coffee regular but now that I live in Lake County I’m proud to say that you can find an incredibly good cup of Joe in almost every community in the county.

Andrea Williams

Riviera Common Grounds,  Indoors or Outdoors always a relaxing place to go.

Riviera Common Grounds - Andrea Williams

Riviera Common Grounds – Andrea Williams

The thing I like most about our small privately owned coffee shops are the friendly and cheerful coffee baristas that greet you every morning. We have all types of coffee houses offering a wide variety of coffee drinks and social atmospheres.


It’s not so much the place as it is the people. Michelle always has a smile and something very pleasant to say. Great place to stop for a cheerful cup of Joe at  Konocti Coffee Shop in Soda Bay.



Konocti Coffee in Soda Bay

Many have areas where you can sit indoors or outdoors and many have internet access via wifi so you can relax for a while and catch up on emails or surf the net or put all the silly technology down and simply enjoy the social atmosphere.

If you’re in a hurry no worries, we have a few nice drive-through coffee stops that can take care of that caffeine fit.   Try Jitter Bean in Lakeport.

Jitter Bean Girls

Jitter Bean Girls

Jitter Bean Coffee Co.

Jitter Bean Coffee Co. Drive through Coffee

Mountain High Coffee in Cobb is in the Meadows Springs Shopping Center is a relaxing place to visit with a great reading area inside and places to sit outside. Next door to Hardesters Market. P1010770_50

Mountain High Coffee in Cobb!


Mountain High is always a friendly place to visit.

Inside Mountain High Coffee shop.

Inside Mountain High Coffee shop.

If you’re heading along Hwy 20 you can stop at the Catfish Coffee House in Clearlake Oaks.  They offer great coffee and plenty of taste pastries and sandwiches.

Catfish Coffee House in Clearlake Oaks

Catfish Coffee House in Clearlake Oaks


I still have more to come with this blog because there are still more great places to have a cup of coffee in Clearlake, Middletown, Lower Lake and Hidden Valley Lake. Check back for more.