Excellent Fire Protection provided by CalFire and Local Fire Departments in Kelseyville, CA.

Do you ever wonder about what kind of fire protection we have in Lake County? Well I think you will be impressed after watching this video showing Cal Fire and Local Fire Departments acting fast to quench a wild fire in Kelseyville at the base of Mount Konocti on June 20th 2013. We had all the key elements that day for a fire that could have gone out of control with wind, plenty of fuel and heat. Great job by all fire fighters!

Aquatic Plant Removal in Clear Lake, CA

I took a walk down to Library Park in Lakeport yesterday and watched the aquatic plant harvesting machines at work. The County of Lake hired this company called Aquatic Harvesting Inc. to do what they do to improve the conditions around the lake. I just hope they will work all of the heavy areas on the lake where boaters come in and out of like Soda Bay, Corinthian Bay, State Park and all of the county parks. Here is a short video clip showing these harvesting teams at work along with Lakeport Fire Department doing some equipment tests and families enjoying the day at the park.