Where is this Place?

So your searching for property in Lake County California and you find something that looks appealing but not really sure where it is.  There is an on-line tool provided by the County of Lake to help you.  Go to the County’s website at  http://www.co.lake.ca.us/.   When you get there look at the column on the left hand side of the page and you will see a link labled  GIS / Mapping. Click on that link and you will land on the Lake County California GIS webpage.

Before using this tool be sure to read the disclaimer carefully because you need to know that the site will show approximate property boundaries.  The nice thing is that you can get an aerial view of the property and a better idea of where it is located.   I find that if I use the assessors parcel number for a property search I get better results.   Here is a sample of what you will see when you locate a property.

Sample GIS Aerial Photo